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"I believe that children need to unplug,

play outside, get messy, read stories and think creatively. Today's children will

solve tomorrow's problems.

I write books that children will think about." 

- Suzy Wagner

Suzy Wagner is an American author and strategic communications consultant. Which means that she spends a lot of time talking to people and helping them talk to more people. When she's not talking about talking or solving problems, she likes to spend time with her family, friends and her dog, Summer. Her favorite days are when she has time to work on new stories to read to children.


Her books are sold on Amazon and with local retailers.



Newest title

Based on a true story, this timely book about race, understanding and embracing our differences is a rhythmic celebration of color and what it means to be a human being.


The lady traveled the world to places far & wide.

She had met many people, all colors, shapes & size.

It's kind of like the sky. During the day, it's blue,

but when the sun goes down, purple orange, red and pink,

there are colors all around. 

Colors are everywhere, they're beautiful and strong.

Colors do not worry me, with them there is no wrong.

The Belly Button Book

The Secret Life of Teddy Harrington

Teddy Harrington is a little boy with a phenomenal imagination. The Secret Life of Teddy Harrington shares his day of adventures and answers every parent's question, "I wonder what he's thinking?" 


Shrieks shatter the stillness of the room.

Two gargoyles smash into shelves.

Glasses crash to the floor. Sir Teddy gulps down the water. 

"My hands," he cries, "they're disappearing."

Fighting the flying gargoyles, Sir Teddy races to the window, when out of the dark night sky he hears, "Connor, Cole, Teddy, lunch is ready." 


Using original photography, Summer explores a little boy's dream come true of getting a dog, blending real life with imagination of how great it will be to have a new best friend.


When I was little I knew what Summer looked like.

Summer is shrieking screams of a spraying hose 

with my toes sinking into the oozey, warm mud 

and the squishy wet grass.


I never knew that Summer could have a cold, wet nose.

This is my dog. Summer.

Meet the Author/Readings

nottingham kindergarten
Bryan - Mount Fuji -25
Bryan - Mount Fuji -19
Day 2-41
Day 2-48

Suzy Wagner is available for readings to groups of all sizes. From readings to talks to older children about the process Suzy is frequently joined by illustrator Lisa Coyle to talk with children about how to bring their stories to life. They have presented to pre-school through high school age children. If you're interested in having a Suzy read to your group, let us know here. 

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